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senior housing Tucson AZ assisted living facilities Tucson

senior housing Tucson AZ assisted living facilities Tucson

Assisted Living Tucson, Arizona

Senior Housing Tucson AZ | Assisted Living Facilities Tucson

Desert Villa Assisted Living and Senior Care Home is unique. One only has to walk in to the facility to notice the care and love given to each resident. Our adult care home partners make life and senior living kinder for our residents. We specialize in caring for those with Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias.

Facing the daily challenges of caring for your loved ones can be overwhelming, stressful, exhausting, or even impossible. No family need face this alone. Desert Villa Assisted Living provides a refined family run alternative to a nursing home.

Unique Senior Care

Our New Spirit of Caring Program utilizes the following tenets:

1. We make the physical environment work. We have several spacious areas for our senior care residents to enjoy. Residents are welcome to wander both inside and outside in these areas. We make their behavior normal.

2. We know that communication remains possible. We remember that the emotion behind failing words is far more important than the words themselves and needs to be validated. Although many losses occur with elderly diseases, we assume that the resident can still register “feelings” that matter.

3. We focus only on remaining skills. We value the abilities that remain. Each care partner helps our assisted living resident compensate for any lost abilities without bringing them to his or her attention.

4. We live in the residents world. Never question, chastise, or try to reason with the resident. Join him or her in their current place or time, wherever that may be and find joy with them.

5. We enrich the residents life. We create moments for success, eliminate possible moments of failure and praise frequently and with sincerity.

We are very proud of our ability to care for someone right through the death process. Everyone who moves into Desert Villa becomes part of our family and there is no need to move away from their home here. Hospice services are provided.

senior housing Tucson AZ assisted living facilities Tucson

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